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Interesting applications of building information modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) has proved to be a winner when it comes to functional designing of a building. But it also has several ancillary uses which are applicable to the building and construction industry.

Let’s check out some of the less known uses of BIM.

Unusual cases of BIM employment

Here is a look at some of the best uses of building information modeling.


Stop using the boring and inefficient 2D CAD software to render your buildings!

BIM is an effective and affordable solution that can be used to create high quality 3D architectural renderings. You can change any aspect and have the rest of it adjust automatically.

It leaves no room for errors.

Facility Management

BIM can be used not just for design, but also for the whole lifecycle of the building for facility management.

Facility managers can use the area and room information in BIM for space management. It can be helpful in reducing vacancy and lowering real estate expenses.

BIM also helps in economical and efficient renovations by presenting information of existing conditions. The reliable and accurate information helps contractors to come up with suitable renovations.

Forensic analysis

It is always better to check the building and its components for potential failures.

BIM is used project designers to graphically assess cases like leaks and plan evacuations. Engineers can also use the data to investigate current issues and develop plans to fix them.

Performance review

Buildings are nowadays given performance ratings in many countries based on how environmentally friendly they are. Various aspects of the building like its energy efficiency, water conservation measures and indoor air quality are considered before providing the ratings.

BIM is used by the authorities to determine the efficiency of buildings. Even fire departments used them to provide code reviews.

BIM offers a convenient and cost-effective way to review building projects before they are sanctioned.

Construction Sequencing

Some advanced BIM solutions are helping architects, designers, and contractors to graphically witness the progress of construction in sequence. The construction sequence is presented in real time through an animated video.

By doing so clashes and conflicts can be identified along with improving the construction schedule. The project teams can coordinate their efforts in a better way and plan construction phases effectively.

You can also create fabrication, material ordering and delivery schedules for the building elements.

Cost estimation

Accurate cost estimates bring down the chances of risks and uncertainties. It also reveals the scope of the project and helps to decide a quoting amount.

BIM come with inbuilt cost estimation functions. Whenever you make a change in the model, the quantity of materials also gets updated automatically reducing errors.

The 3D BIM models are integrated with estimation database like 5D cost library. You can incorporate high-level details in the estimates during the different stages of the construction.

But it has to be remembered that the accuracy of the estimation depends on the data that is provided. So an experienced professional is best to handle the task.

A BIM consulting agency uses the planning environment for a host of other tasks like shop drawings and fabrications too.

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Industrial sector

Industrial valves for hazardous areas

The industries are being changed and expanding with every passing day and therefore the hazards which are associated are also increasing. Some industries such as chemical, petroleum and atomic industries are one of the most perilous places to work. The valves installed there must match the requirements so that never ever any misadventure occurs. Traditional valves are never used in such places. The volatile parts of the industry are covered by high-end industrial ball valves that are created specifically for such places. The valve suppliers also ensure that the best outcome is generated for the user and the facility remains safe and secure all the time.

The factor of customization is another thing which is required while such valves are made. The valves must have high endurance strength and must also make sure that the work is done for which they are installed. The quality of such valves is maintained to a very high standard and therefore such valves are very high in demand. From the outer body to the internal seals the valves are made in such a manner that the flow of the fluid or gas remains constant and the valves never malfunctions. In all such areas, the installation done is always checked by the suppliers and traditional professionals are never the ones visiting. It is only the specialists of a very high caliber that visit and perform a check on such devices.

ATEX valves

The hazardous areas of the industries are mostly associated with the blast and the fear is what always consumes the ambiance. The ATEX valves are the ones which are installed in such places and these valves make the environment safe and secure. In most of the cases, a tech system is something that is installed too with the valve and it generates a prior warning if there is something out of the ordinary. The concentration of the chemicals and gases are also monitored by the valves and therefore it means that the misadventure never occurs at all. The make of the valves is done by using highly sophisticated materials so that they never aid any process that can cause fatalities.

Blast or explosion-proof valve

It is also a kind of a valve that can be used in all those environments that are prone to danger. The blast-proof valves are also integrated with an automated system that shuts down the entire process once a threat is detected. The making of the valve is done under highly controlled environment and rigorous tests are done to ensure that it gets up to the mark. The blast or explosion proofing is a mechanism that is associated with the system to which the valve is installed to.

Customized valves

The use of the valves is not just limited to upper 2 categories at all. The third type of valve which is creating hype in the market is the customized valves. These valves are the ones which can be used to make sure that they are made once the specialists have visited the facility. This type is highly recommended as they exactly match the needs.

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Plastic Polymer Electrical Applications

Plastic is something without which life is impossible nowadays. There are many electrical applications which are made up of plastics which is a very high graded polymer. From home to offices there is not a single electrical application which does not use plastics as an integral part. On the other hand, the electrical applications are used in every walk of life and the use is expanding with every passing day. In order to make sure that the effective use of plastic is done the appliances there are many new forms of polymers which are developed. Conductive polymers are mainly used to make the equipment which forms main parts of many appliances. Every walk of life is embedded completely with polymers which make sure that the user is enhanced. In the following we look at the most important aspects of electrical appliances which are made of plastic polymers.


There are many parts of the computer which are made up of polymers. It includes a processor which is made up of silicon. In many parts, High-temperature polyurethane is also used to keep the machine up to the mark. When it comes to cosmetics the external parts of computer i.e. the hardware body is made up of plastic. The DVD players which are added to different systems are also made up of polymers completely. In short, it is simply that the making and working of computers are not possible without the use of polymers. Conductive polymers are used in many parts to ensure that the current passes and the device work at its very best.

Home use of plastic

In order to make sure that the home life is made easy the manufacturers use plastic as integral part of the appliances which are used in homes. The current has a heating effect which ensures that the device heats up. If not catered properly it can cause issues such as burns in general. For the same reason, the plastics are used to make the external body of appliances such as toasters and TV. The picture tube of TV is made up of silicon which has the ability to conduct electricity and therefore it is one of the best ways to make sure that current passes.

Kitchen appliances

The juicers, blenders, and toasters are some of the kitchen’s appliances which are made up of plastic. Another advantage which is enjoyed when plastic is used is the fact that the design can be made independently. New designs of appliances are only possible if the plastic is used. The lightweight of appliances is also possible without any issue and trouble. Kitchen appliances use extensive plastic parts and it is due to the fact that they are durable. The water resistance is awesome and therefore they have a long life.

Electrical tools

The electrical tools are used in every walk of life and everywhere in society. It is only possible if plastics are used. The use of electrical tools is extensive and therefore the plastics including high-temperature polymers are used to make them usable.

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How does the law precept trespassing

For some people, the word trespassing is not a big deal while for others it is a matter to worry and therefore proper lawful help is to be received. The most important thing is that how law precepts the word trespassing. In most of the conditions, the trespassing is legal if permission is granted to enter the premises. However, there is a very blur and thin line in between legality and illegality of this term. As soon as the permission is put on hiatus the trespassing becomes a crime. In all such cases, it is very important to make sure that the best law firm is at disposal for court representation. The plaintiff and defendant are both in a sensitive position when it comes to this kind of cases and therefore extreme precautions are to be taken. It is one of the cases where out of court settlement is one of the options. The proceedings and the cost associated can be avoided if out of court settlement is taken as an option. The lawyers at solicitors.guru can also be browsed to make sure that the best on is chosen. Also expert can help you to save money on legal fees. How to do that – read in no win no fee article there. There are many issues which are to be taken care of once the lawyers are hired. Trespassing is a complex situation and can take the time to prove in court.

Once the lawyers are hired it is advised to the parties to make sure that the case details are forwarded. The lawyers should then study all the issues which are related to the case. The different aspects are the ones which should be studied by the lawyers. This is because the different aspects can change the direction of the case and can change the verdict as well. The lawyers hired in this regard should make sure that case is presented in such a manner so that the best outcome is generated.

The finances should also be allocated in this regard to make sure that lawyers work in the best manner. The firm chosen should be according to the sensitivity of the case. It is very important to make sure that the court presentation is done in a manner that defines the law. The law can be changed in such a manner that supports the client. All this is only possible if the good law firm has been hired for the case. Local bar and courts should also be consulted to make sure that the feedback of the firm being hired is taken.

There are different sections of trespassing law and it should be catered according to the situation. As per the English law, the following are the definitions of trespassing which are considered by the court:

  • If the person has entered the property knowingly
  • If the person has entered the property unaware of the fact that he is trespassing
  • If the residence has been made on such a land or in the building which the trespasser does not own

Any or a combination of above definitions change the way court has to decide.

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