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Interesting applications of building information modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) has proved to be a winner when it comes to functional designing of a building. But it also has several ancillary uses which are applicable to the building and construction industry.

Let’s check out some of the less known uses of BIM.

Unusual cases of BIM employment

Here is a look at some of the best uses of building information modeling.


Stop using the boring and inefficient 2D CAD software to render your buildings!

BIM is an effective and affordable solution that can be used to create high quality 3D architectural renderings. You can change any aspect and have the rest of it adjust automatically.

It leaves no room for errors.

Facility Management

BIM can be used not just for design, but also for the whole lifecycle of the building for facility management.

Facility managers can use the area and room information in BIM for space management. It can be helpful in reducing vacancy and lowering real estate expenses.

BIM also helps in economical and efficient renovations by presenting information of existing conditions. The reliable and accurate information helps contractors to come up with suitable renovations.

Forensic analysis

It is always better to check the building and its components for potential failures.

BIM is used project designers to graphically assess cases like leaks and plan evacuations. Engineers can also use the data to investigate current issues and develop plans to fix them.

Performance review

Buildings are nowadays given performance ratings in many countries based on how environmentally friendly they are. Various aspects of the building like its energy efficiency, water conservation measures and indoor air quality are considered before providing the ratings.

BIM is used by the authorities to determine the efficiency of buildings. Even fire departments used them to provide code reviews.

BIM offers a convenient and cost-effective way to review building projects before they are sanctioned.

Construction Sequencing

Some advanced BIM solutions are helping architects, designers, and contractors to graphically witness the progress of construction in sequence. The construction sequence is presented in real time through an animated video.

By doing so clashes and conflicts can be identified along with improving the construction schedule. The project teams can coordinate their efforts in a better way and plan construction phases effectively.

You can also create fabrication, material ordering and delivery schedules for the building elements.

Cost estimation

Accurate cost estimates bring down the chances of risks and uncertainties. It also reveals the scope of the project and helps to decide a quoting amount.

BIM come with inbuilt cost estimation functions. Whenever you make a change in the model, the quantity of materials also gets updated automatically reducing errors.

The 3D BIM models are integrated with estimation database like 5D cost library. You can incorporate high-level details in the estimates during the different stages of the construction.

But it has to be remembered that the accuracy of the estimation depends on the data that is provided. So an experienced professional is best to handle the task.

A BIM consulting agency uses the planning environment for a host of other tasks like shop drawings and fabrications too.

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